Hard Not to Kill - Fat Joe

[1st Verse]
Let me talk to these n_ggaz
I fought with these n_ggaz
Been in court for these n_ggaz
These is my n_ggaz
I never once count the chart figures
Never blamed y'all when sh_t came up missing
Naw, Plus You's a live wire
Caught beef aver you n_ggaz in Elmira
Stood next to y'all while you was on fire
N_gga's tried to kill us everyday but we some riders
Right - where did we go wrong
You stayed in the streets I switched to rap songs
You blazin' your heat I'm reppin' the Bronx
Got caught in the sweep
I'm payin your bond
Sh_t, I'd a done it ten times
Next thing I know I hear you talking out of line
Like, This ain't love
This is extortion
Joey know better I put 'em in a coffin
Sh_t, I had to take a deep breath
This sh_t about to get real crazy in the X
Man I have them run up on ya
I'll wait a couple years you'll be on that same corner

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Kind of hard not to kill n_ggaz
Like a full time job not to kill n_ggaz
Oh yeah
This sh_t is realer then you think
For my respect I do years in the bink

[2nd Verse]
Been in the game for the minute
I'm making moves
I switch careers
I make them movies
Got TV shows that's reppin' the Bronx
I'm spitting Spanish
I'm Viva Reggetone, n_ggaz
Oh yeah I'm ready for war
Any body hard body
Just my four four
I mean Cracks that n_ggaz
I'll smack that N_gga
I'll yap that N_gga
Gun clap that N_gga
Oh yeah I spit that sh_t
Motivate young bucks how to flip them bricks
Showed you how to jump off and switch the fifth
And this all the mo'f_cking thanks I get
Sh_t, I'm just being polite
I'm married to this rap sh_t but the streets my life
Matter of fact I

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