Say Word - Fat Joe

[Fat Joe]
Yeah, don't get it f_cked up
This sh_t is realer than you think
Goin out to all them n_ggaz gettin cream
Drivin them beemers, them NSX's, them Lexus
All up in the clubs, buyin out the bars and sh_t
Uhh, money man in the house
Yeah, uhh..

Sparks are flashin from oowops blastin
A face gets bashed in for street crews clashin
Forever be forever great
It's the same sh_t tomorrow, eulogies of sorrow
Nonstop dramas, chumps think they hard smokin ?
It's all for steel my son, light as a tongue
The connections I got, I can lamp while you get done
Remember that, I dismember cats that act
A plain and simple fact is I react on impact
I'm plenty versatile, wild
Have you screamin like your head short a few vials
No more slabs and dollar cabs
Strictly Lexus Coupes with my troops feel the Alpine blast
Extra dark tints, for sticky events
Suspense makes the lead dispense
A baby oil massage when I'm feelin intense
Fly mami's with ki's taped to their bo-ties
Transportin through a airport securities
In cahoots with the San Juan authorities
Hated by majorities, loved by minorities
Uhh, the top dog, ??
Hazardous to your health like smog

Chorus: Fat Joe (repeat 2X)

(Say word) Word! F_ck what you heard
Sh_t is realer than you think, you n_ggaz must be slow
(Say word) Word! You best to act like you know
It's that real n_gga sh_t from Fat Joe

[Fat Joe]
Business chatter's over shrimp and lobster platters
at Jimmy's Cafe, a glass of Peirier
Chick go for celly book a room at the Holiday
Inn, so I can get her and a friend
Menage a trois livin the life of a star
Overweight overpaid, pockets bustin out the seams
While you s_ckers havin limousine dreams
I got you all sized up, n_ggaz wise up
A Fat Beat truck'll be pickin all you guys up
Word to mother, sh_t is realer than you think
Hit my lady with diamond rings, gold links and minks
A nickel-plated trey-deuce, pearl handle is pink
So there's no muggin, all you n_ggaz must be buggin
The mac in the trunk's what I'm luggin
(Say word) GEYEAH, save it for the hook
Terror Squad's everywhere you look
N_ggaz is vexed from all the hoes I took
From Trinity Ave all the ways down the Brook

Chorus 1.5X

[Fat Joe]
Yeah, goin out to my n_gga Big Frank
1-7-0 Joe
Notorious One, yeah
Uncle Dan got my back
Charlie Rock L.D., up in Auburn, doin your time
Swear to God when you come home you'll be on n_gga
Word is bond, Tony Montana, rest in peace

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