Temptation 1 - Fat Joe

[Chorus 2X: Fat Joe]
Lord forgive me temptation to kill
But I gotta give these crackheads the definition of real
Motherf_cker die - don't look in my eye
Take this wit'cha n_gga, tell the devil I sent ya

[Fat Joe]
Yup! Death ain't sweet man
But it's a fact that one day ya breath gon' cease
Some n_ggaz get cremated, others rest in peace
You can get shot tomorrow if you test these streets
Go against Crack - hehehe - that's a problem
I'm a driveby, stabbin, napalm kinda problem
Choose one, the AK or revolver
I'll leave your body leakin layin on the carpet
Yeah, this n_gga don't care
Have your head spinnin like that chick Linda Blair
I'm the Exorcist, n_ggaz don't know when they exit is
But I keep a K that cause a mass exo-dus
You don't want no problems, problems
F_ckin with these frauders {?}
I had the ambulance racin the street
Have your poor momma raisin the sheets, muh'f_cker


[Fat Joe]
Let me tell you 'bout myself, you can find me alone
On the streets of the Bronx, that's the county I own
Well at least that's the one I'm claimin
You know a muh'f_cker that's realer then name him
Damn near a decade done passed and we still on top
My n_gga Pun died, n_ggaz thought the sh_t gon' stop
I'm not concerned with the rumors and the small talk
Thought a n_gga learned when he caught it and he walked off
Shoulda put the burn to a n_gga so he'd slow down
N_ggaz won't be thinkin, that's it rap, when it go down
In L.A. we got Bloods and Crips, in Chi-Town the Kings
Got other mob bosses kissin my ring
Don't confuse me wit'cha favorite MC
Difference is this mans'll kill him as a favor for me
Until then it's just...


[Fat Joe]
Yo - wake up in a cold sweat
5:15 in the mornin, hear my phone ring
It's my n_gga Ant speedin, slow down dog
You actin like the po-po chasin ya, be easy
He tellin me, "Crack where the f_ck is you at?"
I'm at the hotel Radisson, hour ago
I did a show out in Patterson, took the b_tch home
N_gga you know she was the baddest one, as was the Fattest one
This n_gga Ant yell, "Crack what's her name?"
Carmen, why you stallin, why the f_ck you callin
He said, "Joe they tryin to set you up
Put you six feet deep tryin to wet you up
You know that n_gga Pablo from... Ave
Now he push pounds of blow, n_ggaz swear he bad"
Yeah, Mr. Friendly, he's p_ssy I bet'cha
Nah he sent his sister to the club to come get'cha

DAMN! Wake up ma
I'm sho' gon' miss ya purty face s_ckin my D_CK b_tch!
{click-click, BLAM}

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