Watch the Sound - Fat Joe

[Diamond D] Ninety-three it's time man
(All out yo, because youknowhatI'msayin..)

[Fat Joe]
A Grand Puba (HOE) Diamond D (HOE)
Fat Joe (HOE) -- it's time to get the dough!
Grand Puba (HOE) Diamond D (HOE)
Fat Joe (HOE) -- it's time to get the dough!

Boom bip, BAM, here I am
Even fans in Japan, be tellin me I'm the man
Fat Joe, a.k.a. the woman f_cker
Beat you down to the ground, stomp your face with my Chucker
So n_ggaz back up, yo I'ma set it
F_ckin with me, you won't live to regret it
I don't fake moves, I break peeps
I'm takin n_ggaz gold chains, they cash and the Jeeps
See I don't give a f_ck about a n_ggaz rep
We can go glock for glock or tec for tec, sheeeeyit
I heard a motherf_cker wants to turn snitch
I cut the n_ggaz head off, and sent it to his f_ckin b_tch
I ain't lettin a n_gga take the stand
Play Sammy the Bull, be one dead man
See s_ckers can't hang with the slang
And if they bring the whole gang
well then they'll all catch a bang-bang
I come from the Bronx and not the Boogie Down
N_ggaz don't ever come and front in my part of town
See everybody knows my pedigree
There ain't another motherf_ckers that's better than me
I could make em pump, I could make em jump
But I'm mostly known for givin other n_ggaz lumps
So n_ggaz better chill and maintain
I'm blowin motherf_ckers out the frame
And if a n_gga try to flex
F_ck around, and catch a motherf_ckin suplex
I wet a motherf_cker like a shower
Don't test the Puerto Rican power
Fat Joe in the year of ninety-three
Peace to Grand Pu', and my man Diamond D
So _Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down_
Yeah, but for now watch the sound

"Watch de sound when I tim-berr" (4X)

[Grand Puba]
Check it
Yo Fat Joe, it's time to f_ckin flow
N_ggaz know the game
It's time to blow the b_tch-ass n_ggaz out the frame
Guess who comes to represent?
If you motherf_ckers don't know, well here's a hint
It's the God and I still bag chicks
Make the girls feel hot, be like a faggot with the bag of d_cks
So come on cause I'm comin for the basket
Say goodbye to your friends, and start headin for the casket
So Doogie make the daquiris; and light the chocolate
that you got from Willy Wonka in the Chocolate Factory
Let's squeeze a trigger for the n_gga
See I flipped to the 'lo, cause I'm through with the Hilfiger
Cause I flips the flavor-loo
It's good for a f_ck or two, you couldn't see this
no matter what the f_ck you do
I smash that ass like a block of hash
Then I rob you for cash, you little b_tch ass

"Watch de sound when I tim-berr" (4X)

[Diamond D]
N_ggaz know the flav, I don't have to take a step
I earn my respect then quiet as kept
Yeah, guard your grill if you try to catch wreck
Smack the back of your neck, and take your YouthCore check
I make more dough than Gregory Peck
Never have to raise a fist, I keep my stunts in check
I play a n_gga out, like a Las Vegas dealer
Living in the light, just like Karen Wheeler
So back up, and take a good look, because you should look
at what a good cook, can do without a f_ckin cookbook
I don't sniff coke, and I don't smoke coolies
Even Italians say I'm one cool moolie
But n_ggaz call me JoJo
I'm quick to stick a chick, cause I kick the Willie BoBo
on the Northside, on the Southside, on the Westside
You can't budge me n_gga, even the best tried
to pull a fast one, but you know what happened to the last one?
(What?) He got his motherf_ckin ass done
(Yeah!) So step up, front, I'm not a b_tch-ass chump
Chicks by the clicks, cause my pockets got the mumps
See I'm the wrong n_gga to f_ck with
Don't try to play yourself, cause you'll be stuck with
a motherf_ckin ice pick right through the cheek
I'm leavin crab n_ggaz, layin in the street
I won't 'fess, walk around with a vest
Knockin n_ggaz off, cause I could care less
You want a fair one, FORGET IT
And your girlfriend, yo I let my man hit it
So save the bluff, you know you ain't tough (yeah)
I pull your card cause you're soft like fluff kid
I never ever did a bid
I punch a n_gga down a Row named Skid

"Watch de sound when I tim-berr" (8X)

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