Bad Girlz - Fetty Wap

[Intro: P-Dice]
Uh yeah, 17 sh_t, 17 pyurhell, RGF oooooh
Whoo whoo sliiiiice38 ay, whoo (bad girl, bad giiiiiirl)

[Verse 1: P-Dice]
Bad girl, you a bad girl
With your body looking so good, tryna see about it
Past girl, know your past girl
I heard a couple things but I don't care about it
Need you, said I need you
I'm tryna get in your pants so girl, get in my lair
Beat you, said he beat you
That's when I hit him man, I told him hit a man
Freak fest, it's a freak fest
I mix the pint of potion, yeah, that's why I'm dosing
Deep wet, that's a deep wet
You f_cking right, I dove in, it was like a ocean
City on smash, hundred fifty large cash with a spliffy on deck
Heavenly feel, trip to Beverly Hills, make her f' and she real

[Hook: P-Dice]
Bad girl, shorty really you the hottest
Yeah, I'm philly but I'm 'bout it, it's a pity you ain't my b_tch
Bad girl, I ain't wylin,' yes I need you
Climb a thousand steps to see you, brought some thousands just to please you
Bad girl, got him wylin,' I'ma face it
Yeah, you kinda look exquisite, got me tryna get a snippet
Bad girl, baby I don't want a good one
Baby, I just want a hood one, tell your girlfriends that they could come, yeah

[Verse 2: Fetty Wap]
Ay, yeaah, ay yeaaah baby
Ay, ay, yeaaah baby
Ay, ay, yeaaah baby
Ayeee, let me tell you 'bout my bad girl, said she got her own
That's my throw it in the bag girl, baby girl be grown
Making movies on the back girl, love it when you moan
Make me wanna break the bank girl, diamonds, hella stones
Got enough money to bag girl
You the one that I want, that's why I gotcha
Drop nine hundred bands all on your wallet
Baby, you finer than fine, check out your body
A n_gga try to take mine, I catch a homi
Tatted your name on my arm to show I love you
I threw some bands in your bank, you know what's up
So when they mention Zoovier, they mention us
Girl, you the one that I need, the one I want


[Verse 3: Montana Bucks]
Uhh, she f_ck me good but she a bad girl
And she nothing like my last girl
We getting money, getting cash girl
I'm talking shopping sprees, Fendi bags girl
Uh, she said money make her come
And you know we got them bands so your friends, they could come
Meet me at the W, I'm just tryna f_ck with you
Just a one night stand 'til I fall in love with you
Uh, Sipping 17, sipping 17
Money you ain't never seen, you ain't never seen
Smoking Mary Jane, smoking Mary Jane
I could get you everything, get you everything
Uh, you a bad girl, you a bad girl
Uh, and you number one in my draft girl
Uh, and I think I seen you in the past girl
Uh, looking for you like "where you at girl?"


[Outro: Fetty Wap]
You a baaad girl, you a baaaaaaaaaaaad
Baaaaaaad, baaaaaaad, you a bad girl, ay
You a baaaaaaaaaad, baby

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