Gotta Have You - Fetty Wap feat Fetty Wap

[Hook - RGFM80:]
I need someone to hold tight, ride me through the whole night
Baby you the baddest, you know I got you so right
Mama you could have it, let's put that on my whole life
I always been a boss, but I put you in control right
Baby, what you doing tonight, I gotta have you
You know I'll be a fool if I let somebody bag you
This is why I do it by your house, I'm filling bags too
Don't you worry 'bout a thing, girl I got you 'cause I have to

On this bread I spend on you, it ain't nothing, I gotta do it
Said I love you, I mean it, it ain't nothing I gotta prove it
Don't want none of them b_tches, they corny, they out here clueless
When I tell you I got you, you know it's real, I gotta do it
Here's a king, you should move it, I'm the one you influenced
[?] all on your booty, your body making me lose it
We the squad of the year, RGF be the movement
If your girls don't f_ck with my squad, then you know you b_tches losing
Soon as she tell me give me, Versace, Louis and Fendi
Get by me and she got plenty when shawty sip that Rose
I mix that sh_t with the Remy and n_gga try to [?]
That choppa come out so quickly, I swear to god it's my baby
Rolling 20s when you see us, but we ain't out here cripping
Pop in front of the 'rari, pull out and I pop the clip in
Keep the 40 with shorty, one time [?] start to slipping
It ain't nothing to grab the Glock and that shot, they call me Pippen


[Fetty Wap:]
Baby pose for my camera, take a picture, ayy
I only smoke woods never swishers, ayy
You give me b_tterflies when I'm witcha, ayy
I'm eating on you like it's dinner, ayy
Your baby ass thicker than steak, ayy
I tip a couple hoes when I'm winning, ayy
I pull up on yo ass, just hop in it, ayy
I stunt in first gear, then I bend it, ayy
I'm all about my bands, watch me spend it, ayy
I feel like I'ma blast 'cause I'm gifted, ayy
I jug then finesse then I whip it, ayy
Ju-jug then finesse then I whip it, ayy
I'm all about the bands, watch me spend it, ayy
Ju-jug then finesse then I whip it, ayy
Ju-jug then finesse then I whip it, ayy
Zoovier, baby something different


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