Gucci Zoo - Fetty Wap

Squad, 1738, ay

[Hook 2x:]
Boy, you can't even find us where it's fine and my boys be flexing
At the pot with the crack, I'm water whipping, I'm gon' finesse it
Call me Fetty, big ZooWap from the bando from 22nd
All I know is I'ma get me a 'rari and seven mansions

Wap, ay, now, ya'll know I'm a Gucci fan
They call me ZooWap from the bando
Ay, this squad sh_t n_gga
Call this sh_t 101738 hahahaha
Squad! Ay, ZooZoo, ayo Dice, ayo Monty, ay look

Remember back in the damn days when they didn't show me love
Rubber bands on my damn chain 'cause I didn't give a f_ck
I got robbed for some [?] right by school, he stuck me up
Learn to take a precaution, now I keep the safety off
Talking all of that dumb sh_t, we gon' blitz your safeties off
I'm a boss and I run sh_t, Fetty Wap the CEO
Please miss me with that gun sh_t if you do not let them go
Cause big ZooWap with crip and he ain't scared to let you know
If you disrespect ZooWap, only one place you gon' go
I ain't making no threats man, I just thought that you should know
I got way more money than ya, I throw money you can't throw
I know bigger homies n_gga, I know homies you should know
I done been to Cali n_gga, I done smoked the finest dope
I done smoked about ten pounds and sold a million pills
Remember days on the back block, we stashed the bricks in [?]
Beans was pulling them cars out, we thought it never end
We was living like stars now, [?] we was kids
Put the pill in the Remy man, b_tches do as you please
You ain't s_cking no d_ck ho then, pack your sh_t and leave
I swear I'm all 'bout my stacks b_tch, I'm all about my cheese


Big ZooWap from the bando when I say that? Very often
I'ma keep on reminding 'til I won't have to no more man
I'ma buy every robins 'til they send it by the loads man
I'ma snatch a couple beamers 'cause I like how they be skurt
My favorite rapper Gucci Guwop a.k.a. that's mister perfect
B_tch, they call me Fetty ZooWap a.k.a. I'm mister swerving
Hundred grams, I hit a doowop off the block 'cause I was serving
And I build it Dennis Rodman minus one where I was working
And your b_tch, she want the d_ck and I can tell 'cause she be flirting
All I know is get it in, I sold them skinnies for a thirty
And don't talk about them pistols 'cause Fetty Cash come out and hurt ya
What you know 'bout party packs, five dollars pills start on a Thursday
We was flipping 'bout two thousand right before we entered Friday
Had the '38 stashed in the Honda on a highway
B_tch, I'm Fetty Gucci ZooWap and I say that very proudly
I'm a Remy Boy CEO, these pussies shouldn't doubt me
Wap, F_ck you n_ggas doing man? ay

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