I Dont Love Her - Fetty Wap

Ay, Monty, Ayo Dice
I don't know what the f_ck is going on man
Ayo, man they call me ZooWap from the bando
Fetty Wap, ZooZoo, Zoovier, ay look ay

I play with them drums, my b_tch, she on the organ
And she MVP, assist her right and she scoring
Left her other n_gga, he was broke and was boring
12&22nd, used to trap on the corners
I ain't saying I was rich but big ZooWap could afford it
Now my money longer, I rock robins and jordans
And I know these n_ggas mad two pairs of jeans their apartment
Where the f_ck was ya'll at when big ZooWap was starving
Had to make it happen, twenty n_ggas in an apartment
I ain't had no f_cking help, I put that on my mama
LB got me in the trap, every day it was harder
Started serving every day, then, my sack got larger
Remy Boyz, n_ggas know we making it harder
Bag mounds of work, send the sh_t way farther
I be in the trap tryna keep my eyes open
DA f_cked up tryna throw the trial on me
Gotta watch for the f_ck n_ggas tryna plot on me
Got the drop from his b_tch, say he tryna ride on me
He deserves to slowly die with his eyes wide open
He deserves to slowly die with his eyes wide open
Pull up on these n_ggas, start to swerving
Ay, Remy Boyz, n_ggas know it perfect
Ay I'm scoring on these n_ggas, Steve Kerr
Ay, baby I ain't even got insurance
Ay, sipping on the lean got me slurred
Ay, get you f_cked up for the 30
Ay, Monty don't approve that I'm Kerr
Hit this three pointer, Steve Kerr, Squad!

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