Fried Rice - Filthy Frank

Today, we'll be making fried rice
That's fried rice
Now then, let's begin!

Fried rice, fri-fri-fried rice b_tch
You wanna play your cards with God and roll the dice b_tch
Weeding out the weak with agriculture educational
You got me eating seeds and I ain't talking bout fellatio
I'm crazy yo, got that technique stir fry chopstick asian flow
I ain't about the oven or the microwave grills
But I know a little bit about the culinary skills
If you wanna roll with the frying pan
Gotta fry with the heart of a china man
Anybody got another method in the pantry can s_ck my d_ck
This sh_t tastes like vagina man
Now I ain't no Gordon Ramsay
But I make the best damn rice you pansies
A b_tch like me came from Japan, see
Coin slot eyes gonna drop the panties
If you want a piece of this get in line you piece of sh_t
They just keep coming back for more you'd think Jehovah's witnesses
They call me the grain man
Ancient ritual praying can
Help cook rice on a spiritual level for those willing and able to be the king of the table
Have some of my grain and I ain't talking about the f_cking headaches
You get on the morning after Fridays
I throw this rice like bridesmaids

STIR, FRY [x8]

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