It's Okay to Eat Whale - Filthy Frank

Irasshaimase! Kyo no special wa Kujira dazo!
So daro Hoshii daro Kono kasu yaro
Oh that whale though

Now what's better than the feeling of gutting the wild beast
Beneath the earth sheets with the taste of mild beef
Cuisine with the rice and soy Oh boy
Want to come up to the ocean run the deep with the boys
Now whales, dolphins, narwhals, krills
The Japs got a special set of skills that involves killing
We ain't chilling till we distribute the mercury
Got MSG and it's eating till it's hurting me yum
Now that's food to die for
That's food to kill for
That's food to divide laws
I ain't saying sh_t You caught it for science
Took a couple organs Give the rest to the markets
Ha! Now that's harmless
Except for the whale Its got a harness
If the skins a little thicker than the rest of them
You can bet that America's gonna bless them
Try to caress them So they can be the best men
Clearly The way of our quotation specimens
Despite spilling the oil like it was estrogen
Despite killing the millions of middle eastern men
Despite the decency to save another human being
Waste time save creatures from the sea

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