Pure Feeling - Florence And The Machine

[Verse 1]
Blinded by the glare
I was moving like I didn't care
But it was more than I could bear
You know I hoped I'd see you there

[Bridge 1]
Staring out the window
I could see into the soul of every passer by
So many lives
So many pairs of eyes

A pure feeling
I'm invisible and magical
If only for a moment
A pure feeling
I'm scared to control it

Stretching out my arms
I let it comfort me
Our bodies moving in the dark
It takes the pain from me
And then I am in love
With everyone I see
I keep on moving in the spaces where you used to be

[Verse 2]
And the illusion starts to tear
Let everybody stand and stare
Cause now I have no fear
I knew that this would end in tears

[Bridge 1]



[Bridge 2]
Those strangers carry me
I'm lost; they're finding me
I'm gone; they're there with me
But it's not over
The spaces in between
They keep you far from me
The emptiness; it means it's not over

[Chorus] x2

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