All Gas No Brakes - Florida Georgia Line feat Brother Jervel

[Brian Kelley:]
What's up y'all it's BK, can't come to the phone right now
Leave a message and I'll holler back

[Brother Jervel:]
Hi there fellas this is your Brother Jervel again
Just wanna call on in, talk to you a little bit
Kinda give you a little bit of excitin' news, you know
I just wanna let you know I've been selected as chaplain this weekend for the NASCAR race
And, and it just kinda made me think y'all, and the way BK is, you know
When he found the, the love of his life and the one he wanted
It, it was, it was all gas and no breaks, you know
And just, just makes me really proud of the way he moved after
And, he, there weren't no slowin' down, you know
He just, he just found what he wanted and he went and got it
So, anyway, just wanna let y'all know the big news
And, and uh, anyway well talk to y'all later

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