Space Cadet - Flume feat Autre Ne Veut & Ghostface Killah

Can't stop spacing, oh no
Can't stop spacing, on a daydream
Can't stop spacing, and when I'm on the cloud
My feet square on the ground
My head up in the clouds, looking down, out of this town
You know I gotta try
My f_cking brains on fire
Just gotta toke again, after that
Can't stop spacing out out out, oh no
Can't stop spacing, on a daydream

[Verse 1: Ghostface Killah]
Yeah n_gga, shoot 'em up, throw 'em right now
Yo!, Yo!, Aye Yo!
Starin' at ya sweatin' my wallys
My mind got vivid thoughts of what I'm supposed to be doin'
Got the blue and the cream, me and Rah blowin' steam
Sittin' with Tarrentin', n_gga stackin' the green
Roll rockin', fan f_ckin'
Snatchin' up mics at award shows, rollin' up O's
Wu clothes, my flows are so detrimental
Space cadet keep a cassette of instrumentals
Sling slang the track like 'd_ck the hoes'
Super intelligent, verbally diminish the pros
A visionary, my mind's like a rhyme war-zone
You can't postpone the inevitable, king of the thrones

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