Careless Days - Fordirelifesake

Careless days, time slipped away. Careless days, love slipped away. Careless days, time dreamt away. Careless days, love went away. I hide crying eyes. Day to day, so scared. Ending words and ending lines, have never ended in this careless breath from a time. A time when love shined through your now dark eyes. Forget all those times. The words that reached for me, to comfort thoughts. It meant so much. Cherished. Days die. I never lost the thought, when days never lost me. I?m holding on, not giving in. Never say, another day. Forget to keep counting those moments surround you. Wondering, waiting. Forget to keep counting those minutes surround you. Please don?t go. I?ll never know. How does this end? Don?t go. Keep running away. Time dies.

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