Into What We Call Stars, For Patient Imperfections - Fordirelifesake

without you i cant hold onto all of this myself
because i dont know if i could ever fall in love again
could this ever fall into forever
i hope love wont lie
it has so many times
lets kill more made up mock loves
when you breathe my dreams tonight
your words are worrying
i need to know you need me
you make me everything i wish that i could be
just kiss my lips in seasons
weve seen so many dancing displays in this sun set setting
reconstructing our only something
craked lips make inspiring day dreams
so run away with me
because whatever could last forever
if i give up on you tonight
just fall into my arms
secret stares
sealed by a kiss
when forever never fails to forget
i wont let you go
i will always love your imperfections
that smile for my eyes findings
(finds me breathless)
please dont leave
let me need you
could this ever fall into forever
time will let us know
and i thought i would never fall in love again
let me need you
words can carry my dreams
careful cracked dreams bleed
sleep tonight
i will be here when you try
forever can never be
said too many times
and you try why inside
another timeline lie
beacuse eyes can light fires
that second day
our first time

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