Run - Four Star Mary

if i could remember
a face i'd never seen
deep in these embers
that glow on endlessly
what would you tell me
if others had lost their faith
what would ou sell me
if we had lost our way

if i could wake up
and see another day
if i could fake all
the lies id never said
how would i know you
if i had turned away
what would i show you
i never could have said

and we've got to run
deep through these forests
or hang upon the hill
i've got a wish
something to promise
but, no i never will

if i could walk out
and see another sky
if i could talk about
the heavens that had cried
how would i love you
and never walk away

how would show you
i've never had to pray
if i could walk out
no, i'd never lie...

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