Down to You - Frank Black

I took your hand
The world was young
Now you?re the smoke
And I?m the lung
The sea was full
It?s empty now
And there you were
I don?t know how

It?s so sad, it?s so sad
It?s too bad we bought this
It?s down to you
It?s down to you
It?s down to you
And though its not true, it?s down to you

It was raining like the end of the world
Under covers we were children curled
Or were we ancients who bumped our heads and never got out of bed?
Tell me, baby, everything I know
It's not as if we have another place to go
You told me once and you told me real nice
This is paradise
It?s down to you
Sure as I?m blue, it?s down to you

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