Broken Piano - Frank Turner

As I walked out one morning fair
I found myself drawn thoughtlessly
Back to the place we used to live
And you still do, now without me

Around the back, away from the road
Behind the bins, beneath your window
I found the hulk, the rusting bulk
Of a shattered old piano
Someone had torn out some of the keys
With cruel care, not thoughtlessly
In such a way that one could only play
Minor melodies

So I sat down in my sadness, beneath your window
And I played sad songs on the minor keys of a broken piano
A sinner amongst saved men on the banks of the muddy Thames

As I have wandered through this city
Like a child lost in the London fog
From Highgate Hill, down to the river
Then washed downstream past the Isle of Dogs

I've had time enough to think upon
The question of what kind of songs
That you would choose to listen to
Now that I am gone.
And as I float beneath that bridge
Just down the road from where you live
I've often thought I might have caught
Your voice upon the wind

But as I stroked those broken keys
You did not join in harmony

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