Heartless Bastard Motherfucker - Frank Turner

Well I lie I cheat and I steal,
And I don't give two sh_ts about the way that you feel.
I barely know who you are,
But I'll break your heart and then I'll sleep in your car.
I'm not dying inside, I'm dead.
Too many people have f_cked with my head,
And now I'm out for revenge.

I'm not the only one who regrets the way they act,
But I seem to be the only one who's honest with the facts,
And I'm sick to death of always being the s_cker.
I'm a heartless bastard motherf_cker.

Well you're a prize specimin -
I shouldn't pick you up, I don't know where you've been.
You invite me back to your place,

And you feed me drinks to get me out of my face.
You never own up to what you did -
You f_ck like an adult and you cry like a kid,
And then you tell your friends I took the piss.

Just for a second here with a straight face I am sick of the sinners
Always making out they're saints.
You know it seems to me that the ones to watch
are the ones with their hearts on their sleeves -
The make-up doth protest too much.

So come on everybody, come on,
Don't make me regret ever writing this song -
I need every motherf_cker to sing along.

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