Romantic Fatigue - Frank Turner

I have to admit that I am one of the many who thought that a guitar would win him a lady.
My teenage years, they were a feminine drought, and I thought that a seranade would help out.
It seemed to be working for a couple of years - I wrote a few songs and they wrought a few tears -
But when I hit my twenties, it ran out of steam. I seemed to be suffering from romantic fatigue.

And I never know which song I should play her, each melody is
A memory of a not-forgotten failure.
So when I get out my guita tonight, to do what I do, remember:

I probably didn't write this song for you.

And so as I have mentioned, the shelf-life was short - the plan wasn't working, despite what I thought.
My ladies all left me alone in the end, so I had to switch the names around and sing it again.

Every life-long-love, and every best friend, slips away into the past.
Take my words with caution, I can't pretend that you're the first.
You won't be the last.

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