It's Like - Fredo

Yeah, it's like knick knack paddy whack, give a dog a bone
Big wap, handle that, let's give a n_gga smoke, yo
This rapping weren't planned, but still it give a n_gga hope, though
My girl calls me a dog while she give a n_gga strokes, though
Oh, they want a photo, we're cruisin in the low-low
Got offices in SoHo, bandos with the bro-bros
YOLO, little n_gga let them pigeons fly
Heard he got a little bird, a little n_gga cried
N_gga, that ain't no bird, that's just some pigeon time
I used to try and get hella fresh before visit time
I'm swimmin' by, bracelet and watch cost me sixty-five
Yo, this is the life, exactly what these women like
I'm so straight, dropped twenty-six on my rose face
Damn near dropped Melo half a brick for my bro's sake
I'm so bait, I know when my n_ggas miss the old days
Now I'm on the block, it's Fendi slippers, no lace
I saw your b_tch up in the flesh and she got no taste
Fredo wouldn't even nut up in your ho's face

Yeah, it's like, big man, what's the plan? I ain't goin' broke
Cold traps, all night, no, I ain't going home though
My n_gga caught a case, still we talk it on the phone though
But certain times you know you gotta walk it on your own though
Back like a yo-yo, I told her that it's no-no
I'm used to being so broke, now it's all in rose gold
Whoa, bro, young n_gga let your money stack
Take an L, go to jail, make your money back
Young n_gga meeting plugs, I make them run a pack
They never get no money back, I put that in my money stack
They're bunnin' crack
If I ain't served them, my brother has
He lost another pack, I put that on my youngin's tab
Big strap in the car chase, the cars at my heartrate
My uncle from yard say it's not safe
Used to have to go behind my door at half 8
'Cause I kept up with a muzzle on a dark day
Me and Melo done some sh_t that I can't say
But that's my doggy for life, I know we can't break

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