Paranoid - French Montana feat C.A.S.H

[Intro: Johnny Maycash]
Yeah, it's crazy cuz, man like...
I saw one of the guys shootin' on the corner
Damn n_gga, this n_gga really shootin' on the corner
All the little kids... everybody runnin'
He shot the whole van up, I'm like 'damn... what we do?'

[Hook: Johnny Maycash]
I been so paranoid
I hear these n_ggas tryna f_ck with me
For real, sh_t, I know I got enemies
I can't let them n_ggas into me
I ain't scared to die, n_gga
I'll take your life, n_gga
F_ck it, shoot 'em down, n_gga
A hundred rounds'll blow you down, n_gga

[French Montana]
I be the hottest n_gga out my city
B_tch you with some sh_t, you never signed no titties
Know a n_gga shining, all my diamonds pretty
I hit a lick, I'm worth a couple million
That car nympho hundred thou, n_gga
That top drop like Pacquiao, n_gga
I hit up KOD and left a hundred in it
Hundred on my watch, I'm shining every minute
They caught 'em on that corner, left a hundred in 'em
N_ggas goin' broke, died and never buried
Paranoia, got me watchin' lawyers
Molly water, tryna wait for sober


[French Montana]
And I made a mil in thirty minutes
And I'm riding clipped with thirty in it
And your head, I'll put 'bout thirty in it
When them shots hit 'em, chopper down, n_gga
I been sober, paranoia
Got baking soda, come help ya boy out
Get your head blown off your body for a verse
When that chopper hit 'em, n_ggas yell or holler mercy
Bloody murder, go and dig the dirt out
Choppers ringin', they ain't let 'em get a word out
Don't be talkin' 'bout nothin' you done heard 'bout
N_ggas gettin' smoked, b_tches gettin' turned out

[Hook x2]

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