Behave! - Frightened Rabbit

Okay stop.
Okay start.
And please me, I don't care how.
Stop me and please me now,
Oh, with your mouth.
Big bad, big bad ape in a prison room.
He's just itching to telephone you,
Oh, with his mouth.

Behave, behave.
I don't know quite how to behave.

Patience, patience.
Leaves me with a cross to bear
Leaves me, I don't know where.
Then it leaves me out.

Distance, distance.
Oh, leaves me, I'm ashamed to say.
I make a mess on the stage with my mouth.

Behave, behave!
I don't know quite how to behave.
I don't have a clue how to behave when I'm around you.
Behave around you.
Behave around you!

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