Learned Your Name - Frightened Rabbit

I wish I had
I wish I had
Learned your name

But I couldn't read
I couldn't speak
Ah nobody taught me

Met you when you were full of lemonade
You strode boldly
In bold clothes
Covered the fear

Spent four years inside you
Day upon day
You pushed colors and borders
Lit by my gaze

Oh the photograph
The last gasp on steps at the end
Just a tiny glance
All I ask
Amidst all this tension

The old man visits every day
It's barely a love affair

He may love me
But I do not love him
Can I move to where you move
Dash down the stream

You threw the greed that I gave you
For all you gave me
You've demolished my heart
Whichever room it lived in

Oh I wish I had, I wish I had
I wish I had learned your name

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