Same Old Story - From Ashes To New

It's stuck on repeat
Making me breathe
Ever so deeply inside
Am I sleeping
I've tried screaming
Nothing can keep me alive
It seems easy
Make believing
Leaving these feelings behind
It's deceiving
Nothing is seemingly right

Can't look away
Can't bare to watch but want to see
I can't escape
This flood that I jumped in
Without a trace
I vanish from the air I breathe
Last gasp I take
I thought nothing was something

The best thing to ever happen to me
Has now become the worst thing
It's still the same old story, it's still the same old story

It still replays
All of these days
All of these ways
That it died
Paths that we made
Left to decay
All from betrayal and pride
Feels like D-Day
When we stay
Like cars on freeways that collide
Let's be safe
And not retrace
Mistakes that we made throughout time

If I make it out alive
I'll make it my last goodbye

Still the same old same old
Still the same old story

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