Stripped Away - Fuel

Well I musta left my soul
Cracked open
Like a door in the night
Seizing the opportunity
While I laid there asleep
And those beggars and thieves
Walked in and they stole
All I'd stored inside

Well I woke to find
The shell of a man
And all I once believed
Stripped Away
Stripped away

Well I sat at Satan's table
And I drank the wine
Feast of revelry
Til my eyes are red and swollen
And my soul was soiled with stains
That just won't come clean
And I tell myself
I am immune as all my dignity is
Stripped away
Stripped away

Well I stared at my own reflection
But those hollow eyes can't be me
And my spirit floats in desperation
Dreams like mine never see
So I reached for you
And draw you near
And pray that you won't be
Stripped away
Stripped away

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