Abu's Boomin - Future

[MAN:] Metro Boomin in this motherf_cker *laughs*. My n_ggas love you, but anyway, look. Got it all, got it all, look man, I got my one, my last n_gga in the city with the clean. I ain't talking about that bottom of the bottle syringe sh_t with that plastic hair dryer reseal, or that blue top, we ain't none of that bullsh_t. So look, the one rule is, when we go in don't say nothing to Abu. He old school, you feel me?

[A bell rings as the two enter the store, loud music is playing]

[MAN:] Cut.. Abu can you cut that sh_t down man! Please!

[ABU:] Ohhh Free Band, Free Band, welcome back to my store. Loyal customer. You see my store still booming in the drought

[MAN:] Uh, he looking for some clean

[ABU:] Clean? What the f_ck are you drinking, I thought we were drinking dirty?

[MAN:] Naw, hell naw man, I got $80-200 for you, right now. We just need a pint

[MAN #2:] Well just go get it out the back, Abu, I'm out here waiting. Let me get some cigarillos and grab a couple of Sprites

[ABU:] Just for you only I give special price

[MAN:] Keep that number right where I need it, baby and we gon...

[MAN #2:] Yeah baby I'm tryna f_ck with that 86 hunnid

[ABU:] Who the f_ck is the friend?

[MAN:] Goddamn?

[ABU:] What in the f_ck are you talking my number? Hmm?

[MAN:] Man cmon Abu, you open 24/7 now man

[ABU:] We say 7/24, not 24/7. Abu boomin motherf_cker!

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