Mad Luv - Future

Got a Rollie on, got reverse doors
They got mad love for us, we getting mad dough
Trying to sabotage a n_gga, gettin cash-flow
We don't respect none of you n_ggas, we getting mad dough
They got mad love for us, gonna stay that way
We got mad goons on deck, they gone spray that way
Outside n_ggas infiltrating, don't play around, don't play with me
Outside n_ggas come around, we gone spray em down like Fireman

[Verse 1:]
Whipping the dope like it's Anime, shootin a n_gga like John K
Got mojo, got mojo, I assassinate em
Driving a boat on them xans
Pour out a four in Japan, selling that dope out of France
The molly is great with a tan, the presi it look like it's dancin'
Diamonds is Mediterranean, this for the ones who abandoned me
My heart is so full of some anger, all of you n_ggas is dangerous
Drinking on Texas like I'm a Ranger
I would've text you if I wasn't famous
I be with Russians so f_ck you complaining?
Straight off the lot, going straight to the jeweler
Straight out the Range and jump straight in the Masi
Can't f_ck with these n_ggas they sheisty
Run in the bank on some robbersh_t
We laying you down like a carpenter
We go to clubs and stand on sofa, n_gga
I toss it up with all my day one n_ggas


[Verse 2:]
Celine, Celine baby, I got the rings on me like Pippen
Machine machine baby, I'm in that foreign machine baby
I put the sting in the ring in Decatur
I put a two and a baby in the pyrex
I got a soft 6 O's, baby
I'ma pull up in a Rolls, n_gga
I'ma sell me a whole chicken
Ice cubes on me, no freezer
Same color as a wife beater
Platinum jewels make the ice cleaner
The Actavis make the sprite pinker
That's ya b_tch? I'ma gone mingle
I got my BM pushin' a beamer
Gotta keep M's like it's a Nina
Nine millimeter my little n_gga
I'm true to the game, baby
I'm true to my gang, baby
Keep a tool like, a main lady
The bezel so froze cause I represent money, n_gga
Smashing on these hose tossing with my day one n_ggas


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