New Illuminati - Future

We the new illuminati

I got the set
That you f_ck with the set, when I give you the set
Ain't be holding me back, gotta hold me down with you
Nothing to lose, ain't got nothing to prove
When you freakin' on me, and I'm freakin' on you
Gotta ride it like a goon
Soon as I'm ready and able, I give you that paper
This ain't no favor, I'm flexin' like I got somethin' to prove
Traphouse that goes like a throwaway, yeah
I could never see no hater, got problems and tens all around me, yeah
Fine ho, Yeezy
Ain't no manners
This n_ggas too fake, and they never could see me
No yah, yah, yah
Big pile, stretched out
Alligator, crocodile on my seat
Playa hater, long, see you later
Left foot, right foot, let me see you step on my car, man
Piss 'em off, what's worse is [?]
Sexin' out loud
Like guns sprayin' in the crowd
Lay low, go [?]
All shots f_ckin' right now, yeah

I'm a tell you I'm so proud
I'm a tell you I'm so proud
If I ain't talked to you in a minute
I'm so proud, I'm so proud of you
Se-e-e-exin' out loud
Se-e-e-exin' out loud
Fle-e-e-exin' right now
Fle-e-e-exin' right now
Drop tops in the wintertime
Drop tops in the wintertime, with security
We the new illuminati
We the new illuminati
All about us, f_ck them
We the new illuminati

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