Shit - Future

[Hook x2:]
Talking 'bout you popping tags, n_gga you ain't bought sh_t
Talking bout a hunned bottles, n_gga you ain't popped sh_t
All you talk nana clips, n_gga you ain't shot sh_t
Spending money on these hoes, n_gga you ain't f_ck sh_t


[Verse 1:]
Bought the ho a hunned pair of red bottoms
Thats a quarter milly on a hand job my n_gga
Blllll stick'em f_ck you and every n_gga came witcha
Gone put a n_gga on a picture
Gone put a n_gga on a t-shirt
Back in the day when a n_gga sell dope
I'mma slap your daddy allofdem put'em in a hole
Glock 40 whooo
My ambitions as a rider
Sipping on lean getting higher
N_gga im a codein buyer
No you not a foreign whip driver
Shoutout to the shooters and the shooters only
You never walk around with alot of money
Bundles falling all out your pocket
When you hit'em in the head can you keep a solid
Bulletproof whip we'll blow it up
Like some raw uncut don't blow it up
Represent your gang n_gga throw it up
I don't give a f_ck where you at n_gga throw it up

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
Catch a n_gga slipping at the red light
With ya AK, let me see you shoot it
You're a goon, you're a goon, you're a goon, you're a goon
N_gga let me see you prove it
Presidential rollie and its glidin'
Love a n_gga wrist when its shinin'
Hate a n_gga wrist when its blingin'
So I went and added more diamonds
Hot boy n_gga, BG
Thats the way these young n_ggas eat
Drinking on syrup can't sleep
Keep a couple standing with ya partner
Blockbuster n_ggas running around with real choppers
N_gga what's the color of them bottles, they ain't gold
And you moving round with ya ho
You ain't even sticking to the code
Pimps up, pimps up, hoes down, hoes down
A pool full of money and I'm 'bout to drown
I'mma fool on the corner with that Bobby Brown
B_tton up suits at the Grammy's
Had to turn it up for the family
Yes I'm a freebandz bandit


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