Showed up - Future

I just downed a whole eighth of codeine
My young n_gga have you smelling like some sardines
I just scored some work and I'ma serve every dope fiend
Fixin' up the molly with the Sprite like it's protein

[Verse 1:]
Red lean in a Fanta, you can't taste the caffeine
Customs stamp my passport, I'm on my way to Beijing
Smashin' on a trophy, crashin', I might OD
Checkin' out my moji
I just came from Oslo, Norway, everything was gourmet
A couple million worth in whips when I step out my doorway
I just, I just, I just throwed a bird away in Lenox
Went to Magic, throwed some racks, and n_gga I ain't finished
Baby promise me you'll never go trip on what I be sippin'

I was drugged up on so many drugs
I just showed up in this b_tch with some Latin Kings and some Bloods
I came through that b_tch with 4 Trey and my cuz
We screamin' "ABK" n_gga so you know what it was

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
F_ck the jury, n_gga, f_ck the DA, n_gga, f_ck the judge, n_gga
Order Mexicanos to push kilos to judge n_ggas
F_cked a b_tch all in the shower, all in the tub, n_gga
I'm Pablo, El Chapo to these lil' n_ggas
I got new scars, I got new cars, I'm a loose cannon
And I'm affiliated with them gangsta n_ggas like Don Cannon
I just, I just bought my b_tch a new Celine
I just told my jeweler, "Go and make me 10 rings"
Yeah I won, I'm pimpin' on some b_tches, call me Future Don Juan
I got Murder Squad with me and I brought your broad with me
Know some trigger happy n_ggas that'll go to war with me
And I'm Lil' Mexico until the Lord come get me


[Hook x2]

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