Where I Came from - Future And Zaytoven

I'm true to the game, and f_ck all that playin'
You see where I came from
Got that dope in my hand, they try to jump out the van
You know where I came from
That 30-round clip, f_ck all that playin'
You know where I came from
Chevy Impallas and Regals, Man
23 bricks in a speaker, Man
You know where I came from

The Feds picked a couple n_ggas up
Now, we duckin' them Feds now
It's hard to come by some Activis
Now we drinkin' that red now
C_caine all on my scale now
Molly, that molly, my scale now
I been gettin' at it since juvenile
I used to trap out my Grandma's house
We get it poppin' on any corner
Pourin' the lean like it's straight Corona
I got the sh_t that the gutter feel
I got them pills make your brother kill
I done f_cked 'round and took two of them
Gotta serve it at the house where your little one at
I serve my Auntie that water
Sh_t, I serve my Momma some water


Cutlass and Regal the color
And 'rari, that Benz, diablo
I pull up in a Diablo
Money that mucho de nacho
Blood shot, eyes red
A couple guns, Iraq
[?] on the South Side of Chiraq
Got a pint of syrup and I pass it
I was re'in up with that plastic
Hundred round drum, I'm Bin Laden
N_gga, ridin' 'round in these Bally's
I f_ck 'em up and I jugg in 'em
I f_ck with these n_ggas to a minimum
I walkin' a check and I talk a check


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