5 O'Clock - Gabrielle

It's Five O'clock In The Morning
And I Cannot Sleep
I'm Looking At You Beside Me And I'm Watching You Breathe
I Touch Your Face
Feel Your Warmth You're Now A Part Of Me
I Don't Know What I Would Do If You Were Ever To Leave
I Want You To Be Practically Given Your Heart Away To Me Baby
I Made A Promise To You That I'll Be Keeping It Safe I Never Give It Away
No No No No
Chorus You Should Know I Never Plan To Let You Go
You Should Care I Made My Promise To Be Here
Made For Each Other That's What Our Friends All Keep On Saying
I Got A Feeling They're Right But I Just Don't Wanna Say No I Don't Wanna Tempt Fate
My Friend My Lover There's Nothing I Can't Ask Of You
You're Always There For Me Whenever I'm Needy Of You
You're Always True Baby Baby
My Mind Goes Back To A Time That Wasn't Long Ago
Your Confirmation Of Love For Me You Captured My Soul Would Made Me Feel Whole
What We Got Is Good We Gotta Keep A Hold On It
Our Obligation To Love Is Something We Know Exists We're Two Parts That Fit
I Know I'm Saying This When You Already Understand Love's Never Easy Between A Woman And A Man
Some Things In Life Will Never Come To You So Easily
I Want Your Kind Of Love And Not From Someone Grieving Me No No No No

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