Half Way There - Get Ready

Another hour till the morning comes
And you're lying next to me
The moonlight shines through the window pain
It's you, I see
Thought our love would last forevermore
Thought you'd always be by my side (forever)
Wait just a minute
The love I feel, I just can't hide

* Wait for me, every night I get down and pray that you'll be waiting for me
Cause there's so much more to say

Chorus :
We only got half way there
Only had half our time
I can't get used to thinking that you're no longer mine
We only got half way there
Only had half our time
Don't walk away, don't leave me now
Don't leave our love behind

Everyday I wish that it could be the way it was before
You know it's true there's nobody else who loves you more
There's so much love that I feel inside
I wanna give it all to you, oh baby
Tell me you feel it
Tell me you feel the same way too

[Repeat *]

I'd change my ways today girl if I could only hear you say
You wanna stay with me, lay with me
I only wanna feel you body next to mine (feel you)
Touching me, kissing me, I wanna love you for all time

[Chorus] x 2

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