In The Parks - Ghostface Killah

"Let's dance!"

[Ghostface Killah]
Walked up Dr. Jay's, five n_ggas with K's
Son, they feelin' ya waves, it's like mayonaisse
Old people love you, corns on they feet
Fifteen, twenty deep, you walked in, cross streets
Walk 'em through red lights, Shaolin through Crown Heights
Even had 'em on bikes, they was starting fights
New Year's had 'em all drunk, lazy eye Milton
Found a pump, tired of busting 'em
Scotty snatched Janet's wig off, that night, sh_t got hectic
Barbara Jean f_ckin' old man Shet
Good God, sh_t's real as a f_ck, throw a buck
On Chuckle-Up, Thunderbird in cuffs
Skeeter with no teeth, night train lips
Beefin' with police, Grady hit knees
Dude blew a bag with him, he got b_tt naked in the 'villes
Plus he f_cked a whitey in the hill
Throw a buck on, Chuckle-Up, Thunderbird in cuffs

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