Keisha's House (Skit) - Ghostface Killah

[Intro: "Keisha" ("Barbara") {Ghostface Killah}]
Boy get your lazy ass up
So you can go to store and get some flower
And some vegetable oil so I can fry some god damn
chicken (uh-huh) {alright}
And don't forget to get the cards so I can whoop y'all
ass in some spades
(Tell 'em girl) And if they ain't got it at that store
Get it at the 99 cent store, n_gga

[Ghostface Killah]
Yo, yo, yo, we on the steps with a six pack of Beck's
Four dutches, Osh Kosh jumpers, '86 viles, mustard {yeah}
A summer night, light drizzle type
Waitin' for the Mike fight to come on, son, 'pose to been on
I keep runnin' to the bathroom, sh_ttin' {where the tissue at?}
I'm blowin' up Keisha bathroom, everybody b_tchin' (god damn, n_gga)
Ghost need his colon clensed
Countin' up g-stacks, eatin' Ken' Fried Chicken
Who wanna play spades? Word to rap, I'm givin' y'all a whippin'
Guzzled a couple, now, I'm seein' double
Rubbin' my girl leg, lookin' at Barbara, her sister got a nice bubble
I used to f_ck her while she was seated by Bags from Brooklyn
He drove a Jag', she cut me off when she turned Muslim
I need some p_ssy though, that kind that be gushy though
That warm platinum p_ssy, with a dynamic p_ssy hole
I gotta f_ck something, if not, I'mma f_ck my girl
That's what's up, f_ck the fight, yo, baby, let's peel..

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