By The Mark - Gillian Welch

Capo V
Intro: (G)(D)(C)(G)
When I cross over
I will (D)shout and sing
I will (G)know my savior
By the (D)mark where the (C)nails have (G)been
By the mark where the nails have been
By the (D)sign upon his (G)precious skin
I will know my savior when I come to him
By the (D)mark where the (C)nails have (G)been (D)(C)(G)
A man of riches
May (D)claim a crown of jewels
But the (G)king of heaven
Can be (D)told from the (C)prince of (G)fools
On Calvary Mountain
Where they (D)made him suffer so
All my (G)sin was paid for
A (D)long, long (C)time a(G)go

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