Secrets - Ginuwine

Jazze Pha: Oh

Ooh ma how u be, boo boo it's somethin' bout cha I just wanna know
and it's up to me, to give it to u till u just can't get enough
uh keep a secret, oh mama can u keep a secret, but tell me can u keep a secret, ooh ma how u be, ooh ma how u be

-Verse I-
Babe it's automatic, the swagger that u got girl, uh, your reputation as a hot girl
Shorty show me what it do, try to spit it to u, holla at cha boy cuz I just gotta have it
More than I've ever had to have it before and I'm tryna put my bid in for sure (for sure)
I'm tryna get by your side, before you get up outta here tonight


-Verse II-
Now baby I'm tryna deal withcha (deal withcha), No games dead trill withcha (trill withca)
Because u walk it like u talk it girl, I just wanna be the one to give u what your missin'
Girl check the flow (it's as right as it gets), so whatchu know about a (DC Pimp)
I'm behind ya now (now), feelin on yo waste (waste), whisperin' in ya ear (ear) and let me just say
I'll have it hoppin' like a go-go girl, u gotta keep it on the low though girl
Shorty u way too fine to be by yourself tonight no



When she steps in the buildin', everybody is glad that she's around
Cuz she's a supamodel
ooh shawty u lookin' so good, finest thing in the town, she's a supamodel, Jazze Phizzel and Ginuwine ah


She's a supamodel, oh
Ladies and Gentlemen, oh
It's the same ol' G, the same ol Pheezay, ay
and it ain't really hard make it look so eazy, so eazy
You gotta put on ya velvet blazers fa dis, let's do velvet on this one man
That's beautiful, what is that velvet? Oh, ha, oh, ay
Grown folks to da front, oh, she's a supamodel when she's around

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