Young, Free & Happy - Girl Thing

When I was only 6 years old and I was kicked around at school
I used to close my eyes and try to hide
And when I finally told my dad he said, "kids can be so cruel
They don't really care what lies inside"

* I'm gonna wait a while, have some fun, take my time
I'm in no rush to make you mine all mine
But when it happens baby you can take me anywhere
The sky could fall on us and I won't care

** Because we're young, free and happy
No need to feel down, troubled or sad
Coz when you're young, free and happy
You know it's the best thing you'll ever have

I was only sweet fifteen when my mama told me a story
About the birds and bees and everything
You got plenty of years to decide, so I advise you not to ignore me
Boys are only after just one thing

[Repeat * , **]

It was 1999 when a stranger said to me
You wanna come with me and dance and sing
When I asked my mum and dad they said "If that's what you wanna be"
I left home and that changed everything

What did she say
And she told me to never let a chance go by
What did he say
And he told me to love me and it's not goodbye What did they say
And they told me to live a little by your side
What did they say, what did they say

[Repeat **] till fade

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