What My Mama Don't Know - Girlicious

Let's Go.
What My Mama Don't know
What my mama don't know
What my mama don't know
What my mama don't know.

I won't flip, im just coming at you,
tryna sing my tune and make your,
make your body move so you can show me what you do.
If you feel this beat, then get your booty shaken puh-lease,
and groove it just groove it baby, groove it just groove it.
Cuz' I can keep on going boy I know you're gonna like it all night.
Hey You can't deny the way this beat just gets your body bouncin,
bouncin tastin better than a burger with some thousand island dressing
i reckon that you and me should be dancin' together, together

What my mama don't know, what my mama don't know.
what my mama, what my mama, what my mama, mama, mama, mama

You wanna kiss me, you wanna love me.
I drive you crazy, I think it's funny

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