Oye Mi Canto (Hear My Voice) - Gloria Estefan

Take me... only for what I am
You've got a right to speak your mind
You've gotta take a stand

No one... has the right to say
This is right or that is wrong
It isn't just one way

Find common ground
Go in between
Things aren't always what they seem

Someday it'll be alright
Changes happen overnight

People, let's give each other room
If we're gonna work it out
We better make it soon

Love is... love is such a common word
When it's pride we mistake for love
Isn't that absurd

Why always take
The upper hand
It's better to understand

Someday it'll be alright
Changes happen overnight

I believe in love but with no conditions
Oye mi canto
And giving in sometimes
Doesn't make it submission
Oye mi canto
Hate is so common It's almost tradition
Oye mi canto
Come on let's leave it behind
And make that transition

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