Shiny And Warm - Goldfrapp

Look in the trees
Through the window at the moor
Like some...
You play with my cheek, yeah
Whisper something I were born
Liquid light harmony
Wrapped around inside of me
Born out of trees
On a moonlit song
It's free

Shiny and warm
Head in a storm
I'm driving home to you
Shiny and warm
Licking tar
I'm almost there for you

Wind down the window
And feel a rush of air around my face
Breathe in the night
Wet and warm
Feel the outside coming in
Look at the trees in the dark
Bending like a bony finger
Gravel flicks on a metal moon
Wild and free
Light licks the trees
Feel the rush
Cold air wrap around my head
You play with my cheek yeah
Whisper something nearly dawn

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