Machine Bitez #1 - Gorillaz

Who are all these people?

These are my friends
Um, I actually met these guys in, um, Lidl
In, uh, in Shoreditch
And, um, we had a fight over the, the last stollen
I said, "Look, let's just split the stollen"
And we started chatting about things and that
He said, "Oh, I'm this band called..."
And I said, "Oh, I'm in a band"
And "D'you come hang out and do little bit of work with us?"
And he was like, "Yeah, man"
Yeah, that's how it started really

And you just brought him along
You don't know his background

I don't know his background, no, no

D'you know his foreground?

I know his foreground, it's very clear
His foreground is very clear
Background's a bit hazy

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