Machine Bitez #3 - Gorillaz

Hello, how are you doin'?

How are you doing? I'm good, what's happenin'?
What'd you get for Christmas?
You said Father Christmas might not get you things because you hadn't been a hundred percent good

Yeah, he just brought men a good item, you know what I mean

Really, ah, well, um, I got a Louis Farreux tee shirt, and that was sweet actually

Ah, bet, he's the boy

"Momentary Bliss," ah, mate, what a tune
You know when you're doing some cooking or something
And you got the fan on
And then you turn the fan off and it, ah, all quiet
Like, that to me, is momentary bliss
What do you think momentary bliss is?

It's about false idols and people who are not in control of their own destiny
And they lay their destiny to other people (Right)
And hold themselves to an industry that castrates the business


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