Machine Bitez #7 - Gorillaz

[2D (Murdoc):]
Murdoc, did you see (Something else) drum kit that she had?
The technical drum kit, it was amazing, did you see it?

I... I glanced at it, I glanced at it, yes

What-what'd you reckon Noodle?


Yeah, it's like a musical beehive

Did you see the light?

The light?

[Russel (Murdoc):]
Did you see Peter Hook and the light?
I think his eyeballs are sweating again (Thank you)

[2D (Murdoc):]
His eyeballs are sweating again, ew (They're not)
Do you need some, um, do you need some antiperspirant for your eyeballs?

Oh, wait a minute
Yeah, they probably are a little bit

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