Light Up Your Candles - Graham Coxon

Well I know you say now "very well done, my old son"
But it's hard you know, every day is a dark dark one
Cus my old friend's here, tug tug tugging at my sleeve
You know he tugs so hard that he could almost make me leave

Light up your candles, into the dark we go
To be a good man is all I want you know
Light up your candles, cus here we go

It's a schlep this old life, just one slip and you are gone
Back into the void where you came from
You can't light your own way through this dark unholy place
With just one candle and a happy face

So light it up now, fill the darkness with your grace
With just one candle and a happy face
Light it up now, your happy face

It's too easy somehow, just grit your teeth and let it go
Last seduction, total destruction
So what you gonna do now with the good life you have found,
grin and bear it till you're six feet in the ground?

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