Clearest Indication - Great Big Sea

(written by Alan Doyle / S?an McCann / Chris Trapper)

You left in the morning
You left without a word
Did you get what you came for
Is this what I deserve
All I know is the silence
Was the loudest thing I'd ever heard

Where do we stand, what am I supposed to do?
Give me the clearest indication
That I'm not alone with you
Reach out your hand, in a world I thought I knew
I need the clearest indication
The clearest indication from you

Did we have all we wanted
And let it slip away in time
Like a country divided
Fifty-one to forty-nine
Years ago, I suppose
We just can't seem to make up our minds


In times like these it's hard to see
With any kind of clarity
What's the point of wondering anymore
So much I just can't figure out
I'd love to know without a doubt
For sure, for sure


I need the clearest indication from you (x3)

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