1017 Mafia - Gucci Mane feat Youg Thug

[Hook - Young Thug:]
Thugga and Guwop got 100 choppas
1017 we the, Mafia
We the motherf_ckin' mafia n_gga
No less than 20 in my tribe full of n_ggas

[Verse 1 - Young Thug:]
Got these b_tches bending over like a lineman
Make the pot, b_tch straight over like a [?]
Everybody get that green, we the lime-men
All my slime crickets, I think we need lemons
1017 the mothaf_cking movement
Pipe that b_tch down, I'ma duel it
The way I thaw and through it, I'm a Uzi
Bought a b_tch a pair of shoes, and f_ck her booty
Hol' it, don't let up, these n_ggas can't catch with thugga no thugger
We eatin' no other
I'm chubby like my brother
I'm chubby like my mother
We take all yo goodies, and go straight to Costco
Catch up with yo b_tch, and turn her into a s_cka
She not what I see, but you know we Russia
Pigment early, clubbin' later
I'm not no candy, but I am a jawbreaker
You think I'm gay, I'ma send ya to meet your maker
Put a hole in yo head like a piston

[Hook x2]

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