1 Minute - Gucci Mane


TM...world war 3
I'm the CEO...CFO
[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
I rock Giuseppe slipper shoes got zippers
I'll f_ck you out your money need a rubber for my pistol
My cheque so big I'll make your breasts get bigger
My neck so wet I'll make her nut more quicker
And like Scarface don't touch my sister [don't touch her]
She a bad b_tch but she still my n_gga
Saran wrap city, basement full of big tickers
26s on my charger, Forgi's looking like children

Gucci coming up I'm bout to blow in one minute [yeah]
Showtime, bout to turn it up in one minute [BURR x2]
Brickman business cook a deuce in two minutes [SKURR x2]
Eggbeater Gucci cook a deuce in one minute [SKURR x2]
How many bad b_tches fit in one Bentley?
She's f_cking me because she say you cum in one minute
She love me one minute then she hate me next minute
She bout to take her clothes off for me in one minute [Guwop]
Girl you gon' be late for work today
I ain't trying to f_ck up your business
Eight in the morning, still in it [still in it]
Let me get one more minute
I'm about to pull out my vert today
Got a drop top Ferrari on skinnies [neeeoom]
Spent a half a million dollars one minute
Zone six a n_gga lose his life in one minute

[Verse 2]
I [?] reptiles on 'em
Five bands for some shoes with some spikes on it [well damn]
My momma praying say she want me to meet the right woman [momma]
I'm not prejudice I'm married to the white woman [SKURR x4]
I'm not a rapper turned actor I'm a dope dealer [dope?]
Could have been a dentist touch a lot of throats n_gga [huh?]
She's got high standards, date ballplayers [yeah]
But she still give that p_ssy to them young n_ggas [yup]
You a gold digging baby? I'm a gold digger [huh]
I'd rather die rich than live like a broke n_gga
She a sexy b_tch man I can't live without her
But I swear man it's real hard to live with her
You see this H on my shirt stand for Hermes [Hermes]
Rich n_gga I don't wear Tommy Hilfiger [NOPE]
Everybody say a prayer for the Gucci Mane
Cause he's trying so hard not to kill n_ggas


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