5 O'clock - Gucci Mane

A deal is going down on the wrong side of the tracks
In Atlanta, Georgia
This n_gga robbed me
Dope boys, I ain't finna run to the police too fast

Man a n_gga just broke in my spot
That's like a n_gga taking dope out my pot
He stole some money and some weed and a watch
I need the n_gga dead by 5 O'clock
F_ck talking, I just want to hear shots
I ain't asking if you did or did not
Imma run that n_gga off of this block
I need the n_gga dead by 5 O'clock

[Verse 1:]
I'm a brick squad soldier, I thought I told ya
Mister ice cream man, I'm selling boulders
I lost a load, New Mexico, they f_cking pulled her over
And she'll never f_ck me over n_gga, all my b_tches soldiers
Crush and roll soldier, boulder crest soldier
And I told my b_tch to quit me cause I never will propose to her
And as I get older my jewelry get colder
But why the task force had to put me in the folder
Rest in peace to Soldier Slim, that boy there was a soldier
Rest in peace to Pac and Big, cause them n_ggas was soldiers
They gave my partner 60 years, but he don't think it's over
I got money for his appearance cause we just want some closure


[Verse 2:]
These other n_ggasplay for keeps, the day I kill your ass for sneaking money
A teacher makes like 30 thousand a year, I make that daily homie
I'm mister keep a big old pistol cause these n_ggas be hating on me
You got to get this pistol in your name, that be my lady baby
Grab me up that brand new FN, get you a 3.80 baby
Trapping like it's 1980, but I don't really f_ck with [?]
I'm smoking kush in Central Station, drinking one with some of my Haitians
B_tches say I'm two faced but these p_ssy n_ggas be scared to face it
Put a split on top of split then y'all n_ggas run in your sh_t
Rocking diamonds, so much money, can't even wear a money clip
I tell them n_ggas don't when [?] or get pistol whipped
Trap a [?] like [?] and that's how you got your uncle clipped


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